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The path from product to profit isn’t linear in the health tech ecosystem. Our clients come to us to think differently about navigating product investment, strategy, and growth. Welcome to Informed Consulting.

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Nayya Health came to us to help solve key go-to-market and sales challenges.

Since engaging with Nayya, they have secured a total of $48 million in Series A and B funding.

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“We engaged Informed Consulting to create a distribution channel strategy at a critical point in our company’s development. The results of Informed Consulting enabled us to secure funding at a faster pace to accelerate our growth.”

Nayya Co-Founder & CEO Sina Chehrazi

Sina Chehrazi

Co-Founder & CEO

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We make your business goals our priority.

Informed Consulting is different from other firms. We’re not here to provide complex deliverables and walk away. We take an integrative approach to help our clients question status quo strategies, focus on the right market opportunities, and accelerate revenue.

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For Founders

For the Founders tasked with product distribution, finding top talent and partners, accelerating revenue, and more while raising capital. Lean on our decades of experience to navigate critical growth stages.

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For Investors

For the Investors looking to leverage capital wisely. We’re the experts you can lean on to help validate investments and develop sustainable revenue models for a more focused path to ROI.

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For the Team

For the Team that needs help with consultative feedback and proactively managing sales execution, we work side-by-side with you to drive results and efficiency.

Our Process

Informed Consulting gets you from product to investment to acceleration in three steps.

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Position products correctly in a complex market

Even the most innovative product risks being overshadowed if its potential is not realized. That’s where our expertise comes in. Through meticulous market research and rigorous product validation, we help you determine your product fit and strategies to stand out in a competitive market.

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Find the right paths to profit

Whether it’s a new product or a new vertical, revenue is required to grow. We’ve spent our careers navigating and selling within this dynamic healthcare ecosystem. We’ll work with you to make market vertical recommendations, prioritize and lead targeted partnership pursuits, and develop engagement strategies so you have the right paths to create sustainable, efficient revenue growth.

Get a well-rounded industry perspective

We excel at navigating the complex health ecosystem. We know the industry from every angle and keenly understand product potential, making your path to growth easier. By leveraging our well-rounded perspective and industry-connected team, you can make the right strategic connections to support your growth.

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Project Spotlight

National Insurance Agency

In this project spotlight, Partner Anna Torchio walks us through the details of a recent project with a national insurance agency. She dives into Informed Consulting’s approach and process with this project along with detailing our client deliverables.