Informed Consulting

For Investors

Why Informed Consulting?

Make the most of your investments with a collaborative partner

Investing in the health tech ecosystem comes with a lot of potential and a dose of risk. No matter how good the product is, you must balance it within a long-standing, reputational system. Seeing the right returns requires inside insights into a nuanced market.

That’s where Informed Consulting comes in. Whether you’re assessing the viability of a product or have identified an opportunity, our understanding of the industry ensures you leverage capital wisely and the investments you make pay off.

Here’s how we’re different…

Evaluate Investments

We help you evaluate the clinical outcomes of the product, the benefits of the product, and the ROI of a product before you invest.

As technologies and new market dynamics evolve, we’re the experts you can lean on to de-risk your capital and set you up for success.

Build Scalable Operations

We work within portfolio companies to set up product distribution strategies that drive adoption.

We work side-by-side with company leaders to develop scalable, repeatable workflows for product distribution and adoption. We take it a step further to help portfolio companies consider the engagement and utilization that drive the clinical outcomes that will drive ROI for you.

Set Portfolio Companies Up for Growth

We take a hands-on approach to creating a viable go-to-market and sales strategy.

By combining comprehensive due diligence with expert go-to-market guidance and execution, you can be confident you’ll see the right returns on your capital.