Informed Consulting

For Startups

Why Informed Consulting?

Accelerate growth with a hands-on partner

Today’s founders are creating new products to fulfill unmet market needs, but that’s in a long-standing, complex industry filled with nuance. It’s not simply B2B. It’s B2B2C, and every move counts.

Here at Informed Consulting, we understand that because we have decades of experience generating meaningful revenue in the complex health ecosystem. We’re different than other firms that provide complex deliverables but don’t have the expertise to help you execute them. We will guide you every step of the way.

With our support, you will sidestep common pitfalls and drive market adoption of your product.

Here’s how we’re different…

Product Market Fit & Channel Distribution

We identify the right market distribution channels for our clients.

Our team’s deep market awareness and experience combined with a well-defined market research process allow our clients to position their products for growth.

Related Services:

  • Qualitative & Quantitative Market Analysis
  • Product Readiness Assessment
  • Pilot Program Advisement

Operations & Investment

We help our clients understand how and when to invest resources.

We know efficiency is key when working towards big goals with limited resources. Our wealth of knowledge means you avoid common industry pitfalls like misplaced timing, increasing headcount too quickly, or overinvesting in areas that fall flat.

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  • Scalable Growth Framework Development
  • Partnership Optimization Consultation
  • Investment Consultation

Growth Strategy

We take a hands-on approach to creating a viable go-to-market and sales strategy.

We pride ourselves on going beyond product distribution to strategic guidance on all elements of your brand, marketing, and sales strategy. We don’t simply provide consultative feedback; we work side-by-side with you to turn up the dial on all aspects of growth.

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  • Go-to-Market Strategy Development
  • Pipeline Review
  • Ongoing Marketing & Product Feedback